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Rotorcast Machines (Vertical Die-Casting)



General Features

Rotorcast machines are machines specifically designed for putting the melted pure aluminium in the cavity placed onto the sheet iron. Below are the common problems with the classic horizontal die casting machines during the rotor casting process:

  • The 1/3 percent air left after pouring the aluminium into the sleeve, which can be noted as the most serious problem during the injection.

  • High pressure needed to decrease the air in the aluminium.

  • Large amount of lubrication needed to prevent the aluminium from sticking to the die.

  • Injection of unwanted lubricants into the aluminium and rotor.

  • Balance problems with the motor due to asymmetric filling.

  • Aluminium holes due to inconsistent pressure levels caused by asymmetric filling.

  • Asymmetric injection entrance due to designs.


 With 45 years experience, Hidroteknik designed rotorcast machines in order to maximize the quality of the die casting products without having above mentioned classic die casting machine problems. Being carefully produced with the latest technology. Hidroteknik Rotorcasting Machines provide great easiness and quality in aluminium casting.

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