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Melting/Holding Furnaces

Electrical Melting Holding Furnaces

General Features

  • High productivity

  • Time saving, Quality-productivity, Comfortability

  • Usage in factories for pressure die casting and/or sandcasting

  • No confrontation of the crucible directly with flames. %300 longer lifetime of crucible

  • Comfortability: Usage possibility as half-or full automatically or manual

  • Strong insulation so 100% energy saving, longlife of furnace

  • Longlife of EPOT furnaces due to the correct type of filament (World Standarts)

  • Takes max. 2m, can be carried away easily 

  • Due to the high heating factor saving on casting material, no loss

  • No noise, smoke, smokestack or-shaft.



  • Clean and healthy atmosphere

  • Adjustable temperature, same quality of all products by casting.

  • Exact heating balance

  • 50% time saving.

  • The melted is ready for casting before working-hours(Due to timer)

  • No memory loss of the timer in case of non Power supply at least 72 hours

Natural Gas Melting Holding Furnaces

General Features

  • Temperature Control

  • Type of gas LPG or Natural Gas (Not Fuel Oil)

  • Closing of smokeshaft when burner is inactive

  • Protecting door in front of the burner (To avoid the damages of the burner due to heating-back process)

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