Hidroteknik Robotic Systems

Automatic Laddle

  • Self-rotation between furnaces and die casting machine with "Command Waiting Position" in case of error

  • No exposure to high temperatures

  • Can be used with all kinds of cold chamber machines

  • Adjustable load-bearing column height

  • Easy replacement of the ladle

  • Electronic adjustment of motion parameter

  • Error warning light

Automatic Extractor

  • Allows to complete the casting process without the need for manpower by ensuring that the finished part is quickly removed and controlled from the mold

Automatic Sprayer

  • Automatic mold lubrication robot is designed for high speed control to improve performance at work speed and casting quality

  • The product can adapt to any Die Casting Machine  

  • The machine is designed and built to make the spraying process durable even in the harshest environments.

Other Automation Systems


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